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5 Tips for Decorating the Bedroom of your Dreams

Bedrooms are such personal spaces, and that is exactly why you should decorate yours in a way that caters to your preferences and needs. From giving you energy in the morning to keep you refreshed throughout the day, to being a place of calm to help you wind down comfortably… the bedroom definitely plays a huge role. If you’re thinking of revamping or sprucing up your bedroom interior, do read on! Here, we compiled 5 important tips that will help you achieve the bedroom of your dreams.

Ride on the rising trend of darker themed bedrooms by going with dark grey walls. Pair it with a bedhead with a shade from the same palette to create a coherent look.

Tip #1: Pick an overall colour scheme

One of the first things you want to think about in the early stages of your revamp should be the overall colour scheme. Consider the mood you want to create as well as what suits that particular style best – do you want your bedroom to look bright and cheerful or do you prefer an interior that is more muted and subtle?

You will rarely go wrong with a monochromatic colour scheme. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, white will visually expand and brighten the space, and forms a great backdrop for many different styles. Black bedrooms are also gaining popularity with its cocooning effect. Using a darker colour on walls help blur the edges, making the room’s dimension less obvious and in turn, create an enlarging effect.

Or if you prefer to incorporate colours in your bedroom, greens and blues are good choices to keep in mind! Pair them with white and wood for a softer colour scheme or you can always choose to go bold and mix in pops of colours for a vibrant feel. Regardless, the end result will still be one that encompasses its initial soothing quality.

Occupying just the sides, the dark-stained vertical wood panelling still creates a strong statement and adds depth and dimension to the bedroom. A superb pairing, the blue accent wall complements with the wood element beautifully.

Tip #2: Bring in patterns and textures

For a start, decide on a pattern that you really fancy. This is extremely important since it is probably one of the first things you see when you wake up and one of the last things you see before you head to bed.

While paint is the most straightforward (and budget-friendly) way to decorate a bedroom, wallpaper is another excellent alternative. Even better, there are so many unique variations available – you’ll find one to your liking, for sure!

If painting your walls or covering them with wallpaper isn’t exactly your thing, wall paneling is another option that you can consider. The textures and warmth of the wood instantly elevates the entire look, making the room feel extra cozy. Wood paneling also works particularly well in small bedrooms as they help to heighten the room, creating the illusion of a taller ceiling.

A soothing design in soft coral color way with slight purplish tones, this beautiful wall mural adds instant allure to the bedroom and creates a serene, mysterious charm. The wall-mounted bedside light fixture boasts a subtle and sleek look that does not draw much attention, allowing the wall mural to take the centerstage.

Tip #3: Add softness with a rug

To many, rugs may seem like a dispensable piece to have, but is it really? In fact, the presence of a rug can have a great impact on the interior. Besides bringing in colour, pattern, texture, and warmth to the interior, a rug also creates maximum comfort underfoot!

The delicate golden pinstripes contrast beautifully against the dark-tone headboard, effectively making the walls look taller. Hanging from the ceiling, the vintage crystal chandelier creates an instant focal point with timeless appeal. Combined together, it creates a dramatic effect and adds a touch of glam and luxe to the room.

Tip #4: Find your perfect lighting

Lighting doesn’t just have to be practical; they can also be part of your décor scheme. When done right, they add bonus points to the whole look and reflects the homeowner’s personality.

When deciding what types of lighting to go for, first think about how you use various areas of the room. Warm and soft lighting are generally preferred in the bedroom so do go for warm bulbs and shades that diffuses the light. Tip: Dimmable switches are an ideal option too if your budget allows.

Another factor to think about would be whether you want your lighting to be a key focal point in your bedroom or more of an understated element.

Tip #5: Store the clutter away

We all know the importance of storage but keeping them as discreet as possible is also equally crucial. This is so that your room wouldn’t be overwhelmed by large, bulky furniture. Pick small pieces of storage furniture like bedside drawers or blanket boxes that are not only practical but also stylish.

Or you could choose storage that has both open and closed options so you can hide clutter out of sight and still display your favourite collections.


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