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5 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floorings are known for being affordable and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, there are so many designs and styles you can choose from, making it a popular flooring option amongst Singaporean homes.

While it is relatively easy to maintain and fuss-free, it still needs care and cleaning to keep it looking its best. Here are 5 easy tips for caring for your vinyl floors to give it that ultimate fresh look. [

Tip #1: Vacuum or sweep regularly

Dust, debris, pet hair, and other detritus can cause dents, dings, and scratches to the surface of your vinyl flooring and diminish its appearance over time.

To keep the floor looking clean and bright, run a vacuum or use a soft bristle broom regularly to eliminate unwanted built up of dirt. Simply do this a few times a week and your floors will be kept free of nastiness!

Tip #2: Mop the floors weekly

If you’re sweeping regularly, you won’t need to mop your floors as often – of course, that depends on how busy your household is. Typically, once to twice a week should suffice for keeping your floors clean.

For normal cleaning, simply mop the floor with a soft mop and plain water. When choosing floor cleaning solutions, avoid using harsh abrasive powders, varnish or oil-based products or you may risk stripping away the top protective layer of the vinyl flooring. Make sure to follow the usage guidelines to avoid over- or under-diluting it!

Also, do be careful not to use a mop that is too wet as the excess moisture may cause damage to the glue beneath the vinyl flooring.

Tip #3: Fit protective pads on the bottom of your furniture

Dragging furniture around can scrape even the toughest of vinyl floors. Instead of dragging, pushing, and pulling your furniture, lift or carry them. This will help prevent unsightly marks and scratches from forming. Using protective pads or placing rugs underneath furniture can also help to protect your vinyl flooring.

Tip #4: Remove spillages as quickly as possible

If something is spilled on your vinyl floor, clean it immediately so that the stain doesn’t set. Otherwise, you may need to use cleaning products to get rid of them. Besides, liquids will sit on a vinyl floor in puddles, and if left for a long period of time, can damage the door and make it slippery.

Tip #5: Preserve the sheen

As time passes, you might notice your vinyl flooring starting to lose its initial shine. Fret not, you can restore it to its former glory with a polish or sealant made for no-wax flooring.

Make sure the floor is thoroughly clean before applying one or two thin layers as instructed. That will keep your floor shining and looking fresh for at least another year.

Keeping your vinyl flooring looking its best requires some (not a lot) of regular maintenance. By doing it the right way, your floor will be looking amazing for many years to come.