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4 Bathroom Styles That Give You the Perfect Retreat

Very often, bathrooms are regarded as being strictly utilitarian. But it doesn’t need to be purely functional, especially since you are most likely going to spend a substantial amount of time in that space. In reality, bathrooms are bursting with endless possibilities – you just need to get a little creative.

Revamping your bathroom will make your space feel more aligned with your personal style and even boost your home’s overall value! To spark some creativity in your own home, we have gathered 4 different bathroom styles to help you create your perfect retreat space.

Style 1: Mosaic and Geometric Prints

A combination of intricate mosaics and geometric, floral pattern occupies one side of the walls, adding visual interest and accents to the room. The bold black lines lend drama and create a beautiful contrast against its white surroundings while not being overwhelming.

Definitely a design that will grab your attention!

Style 2: Sleek and Modern

The use of different wall colors creates distinct zones, visually separating the vanity away from the shower zone. The black frame glass partition covers just a small section of the shower area yet plays a huge role in preventing water from splashing.

Additionally, the LED mirror serves up a sleek look and provides amazing lighting for any time of the day. Gone are the days when you have to tilt your head around to ensure your makeup is applied evenly!

Style 3: Pairing Patterns with Plain

This bathroom uses fixtures and hardware in a beautiful shade of antique gold. Standing out amazingly against the white walls, they introduce a slight vintage vibe to the room.

The combination of subway and encaustic-inspired tiles has proven to be a brilliant one, with the marble countertop finishing it off with a subtle touch of elegance.

With the addition of a bathtub, the end result creates an indulging and relaxing spa-like oasis right in your home.

Style 4: Balancing Busy Patterns

Found two types of tiles that you really, really like? Great news, you don’t need to have the entire bathroom wall in the same tile design! One way to do this would be to pair statement tiles with large-scale plain tiles. This way, you can avoid a scheme that may overwhelm your visual senses.

Just remember to choose a restricted color palette if you have a few different surfaces within the same space. By sticking to grey and white throughout, it allows for a more cohesive and elegant look.

With that said, it should be a known fact that bathrooms don’t need to be boring! Try exploring different materials, tiles, colors, and patterns and combine them to see if you end up with something you absolutely love. The main goal is to create a bathroom ambience that expresses your personality, turning it into your feel-good place.